Business and Practice Infrastructure For Non-Profit Organisations

Welcome to kiistone. We’d like to talk with you about your specific requirements.

  • Kiistone understands your non-profit world; it’s where we operate
  • We want to help free you to do the work that matters most to you
  • Minimise time spent on organisational business requirements
  • We offer capabilities for a reliable business platform
  • Our staff understand your service environment and are on hand to help

Core Services

Managed Payroll

Simple to use
IRD and other deductions set-up
Integrates with time and attendance software

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Broadband Package

No limits on data
Save with broadband & mobile phone together
Faster speed for greater efficiency

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Customised CMS

Secure information
Outcomes reporting

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Call Management

More mobile workforce
Responsive, customised service
Provision for 0800 in-bound calling

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General Ledger

Robust accounting software
Efficient receivables and payables processing
No external access to your funds

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Mobile Phone Solutions

Staff on the move
Simple, inexpensive calling
Unlimited texts and minutes

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