Customised CMS

Customised Client Management System (CMS)

Need to better manage your important practice information?

The Kiistone CMS is easy to use from anywhere and customisable from the outset. It helps you collect and manage the important information about the people you are working with, and is flexible enough to evolve as your data needs change.

The CMS allows you to report back to clients, managers, boards and funders while also meeting contract reporting requirements with ease.

Customising your CMS

Kiistone will work with you to ensure you get a CMS that meets your particular needs, whether you already have one or you are starting from scratch. We will help you customise our proven CMS to match your service. It will cover:

  • Who your clients are
  • The range of services provided to them
  • Client relationships
  • Contractual reporting requirements
  • The specific information you need to store, analyse and retrieve
  • Your need to have separate (e.g. centre-based) reports as well as consolidated (e.g. national) reports and at different levels of detail
  • Your security and privacy needs

Security and Confidentiality

The Kiistone CMS is hosted in a New Zealand Data Centre with clustered firewall protection. The data is encrypted over the internet with secure SSL certs applied to the CMS website. The data is backed up every three hours. Business continuity and disaster recovery contingencies are in place.

Users are provided with strong password protection.

CMS generated contract reports do not identify individuals

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