Service Impact App

Service Impact App

Take the guess work out of your service quality and effectiveness

Kiistone and Spark have partnered to develop an App which transforms the way you receive client feedback. Hear the voices of your clients through the App surveys conducted via phone or browser to show that what you do is helping them.

Kiistone will support you to craft surveys for your particular services. Survey questions are designed to get feedback on how satisfied clients are with the way you delivered the service and on the difference your service has made for them.

Understanding the level of your service satisfaction and effectiveness enables you to make measured improvements to your services based on evidence and gives your organisation confidence knowing the difference your services are making.

App Reporting

The Impact App generates powerful service effectiveness reports without identifying individuals. These reports will inform managers and Boards as well as meeting funder and contract reporting requirements.

Where to find the App

The Impact App is available through

  • The Play Store for Android devices
  • The App Store for Apple devices
  • A URL link for web browsing devices

Data Security

The Impact App is cloud hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Data Centres in Australia. Individual organisation’s data is separated at virtual server level and encrypted.


Survey options

As part of your practice delivery, your staff can conduct surveys with clients and record feedback direct into the App or have survey activity a step removed by sending a link direct to clients to complete the App form.

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